Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Universe Publishing Group (UniversePG) follows strict publication ethics and malpractice policy and is committed to protecting the integrity of the scholarly record and feels its duty to help and support the scientific community in all aspects of research and publishing ethics.

The ethical responsibilities of authors are set out in below:

  • The authors are expected to adhere to the highest standard with respect to publication ethics and must state that the protocol for the research project has been approved by a suitably constituted ethics committee of the organization and that all mandatory consents and approvals are acquired to publish their work.
  • At the time of submission when the manuscript reports on commercial software, hardware, or other products, authors must include a disclosure statement in the body of the manuscript and declare any conflict of interest or involvement in any organization whether it is academic, commercial, financial and professionally relevant to the work under consideration to avoid the potential for bias and accept responsibility for what is said in the manuscript and also disclosed all sources of financial support for the research.
  • The authors should declare that all text, data, figures/tables, or other illustrations presented in the manuscript are completely original and do not contain or include material taken from other copyrighted sources and also affirm that the work does not contravene any proprietary or own rights of others.
  • Authors must state that the article submitted has neither been previously published nor submitted elsewhere in any form or for simultaneous consideration in any other journal and also must not reuse their previously published work without making substantial alter and without desire address; this is contemplating self-plagiarism.
  • Authors must state that they have substantially participated in the research and in preparation of the manuscript and that it represents original work adequate to claim the authorship and should agree that no author can publish anywhere else unless it has been changed substantially.
  • Where an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in an article of his/her that has been published in the UniversePG journal, he/she has an obligation to promptly notify the editors and cooperate with them to correct the article or retract it as suitable for publication.

Declaration of the Ethics of Human and Animal Experimentation: 

The authors should confirm that studies involving experiments on humans must have an organizational review board and native study ethics committee consent. Articles should include a disclosure that the informed approval was gained for the experimentation with human courses and that it observes standards presently applied in the state of origin. The name of the sanctioning body should be revealed in the paper. The solitude rights of human courses must always be perceived. 

The authors also confirm that research involving experiments on animals must include a declaration in the article indicating that the global, national, or organizational guidelines for the care and utilization of animals have been pursued and that the study has been approved by a research ethics committee. Approaches should be such that research animals do not have to suffer unnecessarily and articles should include particulars of the strategies and of analgesics used during research.